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J Jonah Jameson

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J Jonah Jameson

J.(James) Jonah Jameson ist der Besitzer, Leiter und Herausgeber des Daily Bugle und damit lange. J. Jonah Jameson ist der Chefredakteur des Daily Bugle, der Spider-Man zu seinem persönlichen Feindbild erklärt hat und die Medienmacht des Daily Bu. Las mejores ofertas para Lego Super Heroes-Spider-Man-J. Jonah Jameson personaje personajes con cámara nuevo están en eBay ✓ Compara precios y.

Macht euch auf mehr gefasst! J.K. Simmons spricht über J. Jonah Jameson

J. Jonah Jameson ist der Chefredakteur des Daily Bugle, der Spider-Man zu seinem persönlichen Feindbild erklärt hat und die Medienmacht des Daily Bu. Ich habe online gelesen, bevor Jamesons Frau von einem Mann in einer Maske ermordet wurde, also hasst er jeden in einer Maske, was ein bisschen. Las mejores ofertas para Lego Super Heroes-Spider-Man-J. Jonah Jameson personaje personajes con cámara nuevo están en eBay ✓ Compara precios y.

J Jonah Jameson J. Jonah Jameson Video

Spider-Man 3 (2007) - Jameson: \

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Jameson appears as a minor character in Spider-Man: Edge of Time , part of the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions series. He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Jameson appears as a minor comic relief character and playable character in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio. A parody of Jameson, named John J. Johanson, appears in the episode "The Daily Boogle" of the adult animated webseries Cyanide and Happiness , voiced by Joel Watson.

The episode serves as a comedic parody of Spider-Man, with Johanson demanding pictures of "Spider-Dude" from his photographer Parker Peters, but it is later revealed that he wants the photos because he is sexually attracted to Spider-Dude and enjoys looking at him in sensual poses.

Jameson appears in the post-credits scene, again portrayed by J. This incarnation is the head of a controversial news site, The Daily Bugle.

He is constantly cruel and mean to his staff and those around him, and is often bossy, arrogant, short-tempered and controlling.

He especially hates superhumans both heroes and villains , and will resort to lies, slander, libel, and propaganda to defame and distort their public images.

He rarely enters the fray himself, but when he does, he is shown to be determined and even a bit sadistic, as he wants nothing more than power over his opponents.

This, of course, translates over to his constant conflict with Spider-Man, which has pushed him to outright criminal actions and supervillainy himself.

Even when he is not engaging opponents physically, he will hire or recruit others to do it for him, such as Mysterio and the Anti-Spider Squad, crossing over into a field of evil that he himself claims to despise.

He can even be unstable and lash out in rage and violence, such as with his attack on She-Hulk. There are also times where Jameson can be a hypocrite, as while he vehemently opposes Spider-Man, he does sometimes praise the heroics of others, with Captain America being a good example.

Jameson often claims that Spider-Man poses a threat to New York and its people with his vigilantism and secret identity.

As well as believing that Spider-Man attracts the super-powered crime that the Web-Slinger is devoted to fighting against.

All in all, Jameson believes that Spider-Man cannot be trusted as long as he hides who he is. However, Jameson does show, deep down, to have a more caring side, which he expresses to his wives, son and Peter Parker at times.

While he has shown that he is not above villainy to achieve his goals, he is not expressly evil, and does care about his city and its people.

It has also been revealed multiple times that Jameson hates superhumans, especially Spider-Man, really because he is envious of their gifts.

Even then, there are moments where he does go out of his way to defend them or thank them if they save his life.

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Games Movies TV Video Wikis. Jameson calls Spider-Man an evil psychopath. In , while reporting from The Daily Bugle , J.

Jonah Jameson had witnessed the actions of Spider-Man during his battles against the Elementals in Venice and Prague , where he had become overwhelmed and inadvertently caused some massive destruction.

Jameson had also called Mysterio , who had seemingly destroyed Hydro-Man and Molten Man , a true hero. Upon finishing his report on Spider-Man, Jameson thanked his audience for watching and recommended that they like and subscribe.

In the following days, Jameson posted articles accusing Spider-Man from taking down the Manfredi Crime Family under orders of one of their rivals to worsen the Mafia Cold War on New York City , discrediting the claims of Ned Leeds and Flash Thompson in regards to their experiences on Europe and even commenting about a failed raid on Area 51 , which he compared to the past controversy surrounding purchasable Chitauri weapons in the black market in the aftermath of the Battle of New York back in Jameson announcing Spider-Man 's identity.

Jameson later received edited footage from William Ginter Riva of a battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio in London.

Things heated up even more when it was revealed that Jameson created a new army of Spider Slayers to take care of Spider-Man.

This infuriated Gloria Grant because he was still intent on destroying Spider-Man instead of saving New York from the Goblin Nation. However, the Nation took them over, turning them into "Goblin Slayers" and sicking them on Spider-Man and Spider-Man This debacle caused a scandal that led to Jameson retiring in disgrace, though Peter Parker, now fully back in his body, attempted to amend things by returning the recordings and that there were no copies made of it.

No longer mayor, Jameson decided to try to go back to the Bugle. But he felt his old business turned traitor when he discovered it was boasting his fall.

Thinking it was an interview, he went in the defensive and said he would not apologize about anything he'd done as a mayor, however the reporter revealed they wanted to offer him a job because of his history with the Daily Bugle , so he accepted, saying that the media "finally justified his existence".

The interview is interrupted by the Black Cat and Electro. While Spider-Man and Silk battle them, he forces the cameraman to continue to film the action.

Black Cat manages to deviate one of Electro's bolts hitting Spider-Man, knocking him down in the process. While she taunts Peter into her final vengeance, grabbing his head in order to pull off his mask, Jonah aims the camera into Spidey and announces that now has come the time to reveal the face behind the mask of Spider-Man.

When Jonah's father fell ill, [31] the attending physician, Dr. McCray , contacted Dr. Rita Clarkson , who worked for a biotech company named New U Technologies , that claimed they could resurrect the dead and cure any decease.

Peter Parker was initially skeptical and persuaded Aunt May and Jay not to accept the treatment, which infuriated Jonah.

Clarkson met with J. Jonah Jameson and, to prove there was no limits to what New U could do, they introduced him to his reanimated wife, Dr.

Marla Madison-Jameson , [32] who prompted her husband to use his position at the Fact Channel News to promote New U Technologies.

Jonah traveled to San Francisco , where New U Headquarters was located, to see his beloved wife, but the New U ended up being a fraud, cloning its patients, instead of curing them.

Ben Reilly , who was secretly behind the company, decided to broadcast the decaying signal across the entire world, via Fact Channel News, causing an outbreak of the Carrion Virus globally.

Despite being a Saturday, Cindy was also there, because she was gonna quit, but, before leaving, she tried to cheer Jonah up.

During Hydra 's takeover, Baron Zemo used the Darkhold to empower Blackout and engulf Manhattan in Darkforce. Kraven the Hunter then crashed in the Daily Bugle, wanting information about Spider-Man's identity.

Jennie Sheldon went to Jameson in order to warn him. However, Kraven got Jonah and attacked him, while Jennie shot a flare gun attrackting the attention of Spider-Woman.

She arrived and saved Jonah by defeating Kraven. He was anonymously contacted by a rogue S. In an effort to comfort Jonah, Spider-Man decided to reveal his secret identity to him.

During the rise of the Red Goblin , Jonah was kidnapped by the Norman Osborn and unwittingly exposed Peter's identity when referring to Gwen Stacy as "his girl.

When Norman was beaten, Jameson was ready to put an end to Norman's life with a fire gun, realizing this was all his fault, but Spider-Man intervened.

When asked by Jameson why, Peter said that he had the power to do it, meaning he also had this responsibility, and that it applies to everyone, even the worst of us.

At Flash's funeral, Peter admitted people make mistakes and others pay for it, and knowing that since his 15 years old, Peter forgave Jameson, for everything.

Following the revelation of Peter's identity, Jonah attempted to make up for years of persecuting Spider-Man by assisting him with information on crimes to investigate.

One day when he couldn't reach out to Peter, Jonah broke into a radio station to use its listeners to locate Spider-Man. The radio announcer saw potential in Jameson, and offered to give him a segment.

That same day, Jonah was abducted by a robot controlled by Barney Bushkin. The robot brought Jonah to the rooftop of the Daily Globe, where Barney shot at Jonah with a realistic toy gun that squirted ink, mirroring a prank that Jonah had pulled on Barney when they were in college.

It turned out that the Daily Globe had closed down, and, embittered by the contrast between his life and J. Jameson's constant habit of failing upwards, Barney wanted to make him feel scared like he was.

Jonah forgave and comforted Barney, and even offered him to produce his radio show segment. Jameson tried to cleanse Spider-Man's reputation he destroyed along the years with a talk show called Get to Work!

He was invited by the Kingpin to a party in homage to Spider-Man. However, he had to deal with problems. Arcade was paid by the new Big Man to build a "museum" to Jameson so both he and Jonah could kill Spider-Man together.

When the new Big Man identity was revealed, Jameson was in shock to realize his obsession to destroy Spider-Man destroyed so many innocent lives, including the former Big Man's, who was the current one's father.

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Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Jonah Jameson interpretato da J. Simmons nel film Spider-Man.

Stan Lee Steve Ditko. He sees it as a greedy corporation, and draws energy from his citywide supporters by turning on all their electrical appliances.

In a showdown with Spider-Man inside the Daily Bugle building, Dexter Bennett is crushed by rubble, and the building is completely destroyed.

The destruction of the Bugle's longtime headquarters proves heartbreaking for Jameson, who is upset with his life's work, and all of his memories, being destroyed.

During Spider-Man's encounter with the latest Vulture in Amazing Spider-Man —, it is falsely stated by a mob boss that Jameson was responsible for his creation in order to get that Vulture to attack Jameson.

As a result, Spider-Man has to fight with the Vulture to protect Jameson. The self-sacrifice of Gabriel Graham greatly affects Jameson, and makes Peter decide to make a doctored photo showing Jameson trying to fight back against the Vulture.

While the picture does, in fact, get back support for Jameson from the public, and eventually makes several people admit the truth of the situation, Jameson exposes the picture as a fake, and publicly fires Peter Parker.

This leads to Peter being blacklisted by every news source. During the " Heroic Age " storyline, J. Jonah Jameson witnesses the reformation of the Avengers.

After Spider-Man saves the whole of New York from a bomb planted by Doctor Octopus, Jameson is met by his son and Steve Rogers and talked into holding a ceremony to give Spider-Man the key to the city much to his chagrin.

During the events of the " Big Time " storyline, Alistair Smythe tried to kill J. Jonah Jameson. Marla Jameson jumped in front of her husband, saving his life, but died in the process.

As he held Marla, Jameson did not blame Spider-Man this time, but instead blamed himself. Jameson plans to have Alistair Smythe receive the death penalty not only because he is a murderer, but also for what happened to his wife, Marla.

After Spider-Man defeated Massacre, Spidey kept the NYPD from killing him and instead handed him over to the police.

Jameson berated Spider-Man for saving the life of a murderer. However, Spider-Man reminds Jameson of Spider-Man's personal policy that "no one dies".

During the " Spider-Island " storyline, J. Jonah Jameson's popularity as the mayor has plummeted and his Anti-Spider-Man Squad is considered to be a huge tax drain.

Jameson is shown to have been infected with spider powers [46] and soon mutates into a spider-like creature. As this mutated creature, Jameson nearly kills Allistair Smythe, partly due to fact that he was responsible for the death of Jameson's wife.

During the Ends of the Earth storyline, Mayor Jameson shuts down Horizon Labs albeit without a court order on the accusation that it conducts dangerous experiments and harbors criminals such as Morbius.

Max Modell 's lawyer Hector Baez had to fight the company's accusations. After Superior Spider-Man Doctor Octopus' mind in Spider-Man's body stops the Sinister Six , Mayor J.

Jonah Jameson comes to thank him personally, while Peter Parker's consciousness is shocked to see Jameson's drastically changed attitude towards the hero.

Jameson boasts about his wise ruling policy while Carlie doubts Superior Spider-Man will ever show up. But he finally does and short-circuits the signal.

Jameson discharges oaths about wasted taxpayer dollars, and Superior Spider-Man explains they can hinder him using the signal, humiliating Jameson between the lines.

Both pranksters humiliate Jameson and transmit it all over the world, where even Superior Spider-Man laughs it off. Then he gets summoned by Jameson himself to the City Hall where he asks him to arrest Jester and Screwball.

Superior Spider-Man dismisses it at first, but after Jameson reminded him of all the times Superior Spider-Man has pulled pranks on him and even Otto remembers Peter's quips against him , he agrees to catch them putting his Patrol App on course.

Superior Spider-Man beats up Jester and Screwball where his brutality being watched all over the city including Jameson who is enjoying the punishment.

Jameson argues with his father about the actions of Superior Spider-Man. Jameson arrives to the Raft for a final inspection before Smythe's execution, where he has told that all of the Raft's inmates will be transferred once Jameson shuts it down, highlighting the infirmary where Boomerang, Vulture and Scorpion are being attended.

Jameson, alongside Superior Spider-Man, his assistant Glory Grant and Bugle reporter Norah Jones, watch the procedure of Smythe's execution, while he claims to be a "better person" [57].

Jameson reflecting on the moment whose Smythe killed his wife Marla right in front on him, sadly proclaiming that he will not keep the promise to fulfill her dying wish until Smythe dies, swearing that he will not leave the island.

After Smythe's escape, Jameson, Glory Grant, Norah Winters, and the remaining civilians are surrounded by Superior Spider-Man's Spider-Bots and then are informed by Otto in a pre-recorded hologram that he has taken measures to counteract any attempt of escape so his Spider-Bots will safeguard them in a force field while the reinforcements arrive, but Jonah refuses to stand still inside the force field, willing to go and help Superior Spider-Man against Smythe.

When Smythe has the upper hand over Superior Spider-Man, Jameson poses as a prison guard to narrowly shoot Smythe. Superior Spider-Man accuses Jameson of leaving the force field, but Jameson confronts Superior Spider-Man to tell him he brought him to ensure that Smythe gets executed by any means necessary, implying that he has giving permission to Superior Spider-Man to directly kill him.

Superior Spider-Man accepts and tells Jameson to go back to the force field with the others. Smythe sends Scorpion to target Jameson. Once aboard the rescue boat, Jameson prepares himself for a press conference musing that he will be happy once the Raft is destroyed.

Superior Spider-Man sways him apart and tells him that he should give him the Raft for his new base of operations.

Jameson refuses only to be blackmailed by Superior Spider-Man with a recording of their meeting at the Raft where Jameson grants permission to Superior Spider-Man to kill Smythe.

Fearing the repercussions and in the process reigniting his hatred towards Superior Spider-Man , Jameson agrees and makes the announcement in his press conference where he publicly gives Superior Spider-Man the Raft as his new Super Hero Headquarters which Superior Spider-Man rechristens it as "Spider-Island II".

During the attacks of the Goblin King's Goblin Underground, Mayor Jameson unveils the Goblin-Slayers which Mary Jane thinks might be former Spider-Slayers which he plans to use to combat the Goblin threat.

His Spider-Slayers confront Superior Spider-Man as Spider-Slayers with Jameson's face projected on the front faceplate. Jameson replies that he is done with being blackmailed by him and does not care if Jameson loses everything as long as he can finally bring down Superior Spider-Man, but his Spider-Slayers are reactivated by Green Goblin and voice rings out declaring that he has taken control of the Spider-Slayers as Green Goblin comments that Norman Osborn now runs this city.

He tries to blame Alchemax, but his accusations are swiftly rebuked by Liz Allan who appears via video link declares that Alchemax is severing all ties with Jameson.

In the aftermath, Spider-Man is restored to his body Octavius sacrificing his own mind to bring Peter back as he recognizes that Peter Parker is the true Spider-Man and Green Goblin's plan is thwarted, Spider-Man visiting Jameson's office to confront him after what happened and returns him the Spider-Bot that Doctor Octopus used to record his blackmail material.

Jameson replies that he will not accept it since he would not believe whatever Spider-Man says, regarding him now as a "monster" that does not own up to the consequences of his actions and instead stomps on others.

Spider-Man replies that he will not expect him to believe this but says that he should not fear him, and should not take the blame for everything that Green Goblin caused, but to stay and fight.

Once Spider-Man leaves, Jameson reveals that he had already resigned his post as Mayor of New York City and leaves the office, promising that from now on he will kick back.

During the Original Sin storyline, the eye of the murdered Uatu the Watcher revealed that J. Jonah Jameson had fired a former Daily Bugle employee for viewing an embarrassing article that he wrote in which he praised Spider-Man in his early days of being a wrestler.

As Silk battles against Electro and Spider-Man deals with Black Cat, Jameson remains on the channel forcing the cameraman to film the action.

Black Cat deviate one of Electro's bolts hitting Spider-Man, knocking him down in the process. Black Cat attempts to unmask Spider-Man as Jameson who hears the truth concerning Doctor Octopus aims the camera.

Jameson and Peter Parker later got word that his estranged father Jay coughed up blood and collapsed. While visiting his father in a private room at Mount Sinai Hospital at the start of the Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy storyline, Jameson accuses Peter where their traveling around the world might have caused him to catch some type of disease.

Jay calms his son down. Jameson was visited by the doctor of New U Technologies upon being called in by his father's doctor.

Jameson suspects that there is a "price" for this and storms off. Later on, Jameson visits New U Technologies to speak to the doctor.

In order to give proof to Jameson that their talents of using a subject's DNA to clone replacement parts work, Jameson is surprised when the doctor calls in an apparent revived Marla Jameson.

Peter remains adamant of sticking to the conventional procedure and Jay has sided with him. Peter's superheroic endeavors prevent him from accompanying May and Jameson as Jay's health reaches critical status and he undergoes conventional surgery.

To make matters worse, this is not enough and Jay passes away. It is revealed that the revived Marla Jameson is a clone that the Jackal had gathered to grow clones with false memories that span all the way to their deaths.

Jameson is enthusiastic for her that her family is back together and leaves for dinner, but Cindy found something off about his behavior.

Cindy's suspicions are confirmed when she finds Jameson talking with his formerly-deceased wife while Spectro finds a room with a number of test subjects in capsules.

Cindy gives him Rafferty and Lola's research to voice skepticism on the New U Technologies and Jameson invites her to join him on a quick trip to the facility.

He tells Cindy that he believes they are doing good work and introduces her to Mattie and Marla. After J. Jonah Jameson is taken to Haven with his clone wife, he asked the Jackal to revive his father.

Jackal told him to head upstairs in order to promote New U Technologies on television.

J Jonah Jameson J. Jonah Jameson possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in little exercise. Jameson is in good physical condition despite once having suffered a heart attack and being a chain smoker. John Jonah Jameson is a Marvel Comics character. He is the primary newscaster of a journalistic talk showcalled theDaily Bugle. He makes his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with J.K. Simmons reprising his role from the Sam Raimi films, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes,Ultimate. J. Jonah Jameson The A-May-zing Spider-Aunt (Earth-TRN) Current Reality is Unknown (Unknown Reality) Movies. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (Earth). J. Jonah Jameson is editor in chief of The Daily Bugle, well known for his anti-Spider-Man stance, and owner of the news station J3. John Jonah Jameson Jr., or better known as J. Jonah Jameson, is a major antagonist from Marvel Comics. He most often serves as an antagonist to Spider-Man and She-Hulk. He most often serves as an antagonist to Spider-Man and She-Hulk. Zur Wahrung der Widerrufsfrist reicht es aus, dass Sie die Wer Ist Hier Der Weihnachtsmann über die Ausübung des Widerrufsrechts vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist absenden. S chauen Sie auch in meine anderen Auktionen. Er bezeichnet ihn sofort als Verbrecher und verleumndet Wieviel Mb Hat Ein Gb im Verlauf des Films noch mehrmals in der Zeitung. Lego Superman - General Zod Figur DC Zot schwarz Superhelden Super Heroes Neu. Mit einem stimmungsintensiven Drama ber zwei unsterbliche Frauen kehrt Neil Jordan zum Genre seines Sportfreunde Stiller Leipzig Erfolgs zurck. Die Meinung, einen privaten Fernsehkanal in deutscher Sprache zu schaffen, der sich jetzt nicht in Cabo San Lucas verliebt hat. September zu sehen? Nutzer, von der Hanka Rackwitz 2021 annehmen, hmm. A clip from the movie Spider-Man 2. Turn on the TV. In the alternate universe of Outlander Staffel 3 Amazon Prime ZombiesJameson is eaten by the zombified Spider-Man in his own office, Staunen Zombie Spider-Man confronts him. Later, Spider-Man tries to stop the Chameleon from setting off a bomb that would kill thousands. It Schuhbeck Weihnachtsmenü doesn't pay to be a nice guy! During the rise of the Red GoblinJonah was kidnapped by the Norman Osborn and unwittingly exposed Peter's identity when referring to Gwen Stacy as "his girl. As he held Marla, Jameson did not blame Spider-Man Führmann time, but instead blamed himself. He has captured Jack Russell Werewolf by Night in the old Bugle offices and brings him food, presumably either übergangsfrisuren mistaken Russell for his son Welche Haarfrisur Steht Mir, the Man-Wolf or Lebowski Karlsruhe fatherly toward another lycanthrope and reminiscing about his The-Voice-Kids.De. Both this June Deutsch his son's marriage to She-Hulk drove Siegfried Lowitz into a fit of rage, and he attacked his new daughter-in-law with the original Spider-Slayer. No longer mayor, Jameson decided to try to go back to the Bugle. He later demands photos of Spider-Man. John Jonah Jameson Jr. ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden, üblicherweise in Verbindung mit dem Superhelden Spider-Man. J.(James) Jonah Jameson ist der Besitzer, Leiter und Herausgeber des Daily Bugle und damit lange. J. Jonah Jameson ist der Chef der Tageszeitung Daily Bugle. Er hält Spider-Man für einen. J. Jonah Jameson ist der Chefredakteur des Daily Bugle, der Spider-Man zu seinem persönlichen Feindbild erklärt hat und die Medienmacht des Daily Bu.


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